Product Highlights “Smoke Check” Detector Test Spray - HO - 25S

  • Very Competitive price –save money.
  • Each Aerosol can test more than 300 times- much higher than competitors product .Each one push test, Detectors immediately activate.
  • UL and ULC Listed 100% USA product and various Fire Alarm Manufacturers Approved.
  • Meets all NFPA 72 and International Fire code Requirements.
  • Safe on Sensors, Leaves No Residue- save detector life and cleaning Process.
  • Ozone Safe, Does Not Contribute to Global Warming, Environmentally Friendly.
  • Meets Kyoto and Montreal Protocols and California Restrictions.
  • Air Duster Spray cleaning contaminated Detector even high level, use Telescopic pole save time and scaffolding.
  • HO- 30S Non- flammable environment friendly product- suitable for oil field and hazardous area.
  • Natural and Non Flammable CO2 Tester available HFC safe.
  • Full range of test products are available.

LED LIGHTING: Founded in 2006 in the UK, Goodlight specialize in the manufacture of LED lighting products, including ‘retrofit’ LED lamps and luminaires, for indoor and outdoor lighting services. Goodlight LED range provides the ultimate, energy and maintenance saving solution for up to 95% of any building’s requirements including commercial, industrial, leisure and amenity. Catering for the Middle East region, they have dedicated design and technical support offices in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Innovation is at the heart of their products, which is why their award-winning LED lamps and luminaires are widely recognized as amongst the most reliable and consistently bright on the market, backed by a comprehensive 5 Year Guarantee against failure.

Goodlight products are widely used by champions of British industry, commerce and the public sector including Jaguar Landrover, WH Smiths, the London Underground, local authorities, the National Health Service, the Ministry of Defence and more. With over 4,000 LED installations across the UK alone, they have a proven track record of success in multi-size LED projects catering for both retrofit and new build scenarios.

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MATV/SMATV: Kathrein is an international enterprise active in antenna and communications technology. For more than 95 years the group of companies has been developing, producing and marketing a wide range of antenna systems and signal processing products. Always being one step ahead in technology has ensured that Kathrein is among the leading companies in the world market. Offering over 4,500 different products covering many different fields of telecommunication technology, Kathrein is the largest and oldest manufacturer of antennas world-wide. MATV / SMATV is a system of providing television to consumers via RF and IF signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibres or coaxial cables. Full end-to-end solution and design support is available.

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FIRE ALARM SYSTEM: When it comes to fire protection companies, Potter stands apart. Apart from the competition and apart from the constraints of a large corporate mentality. Potter is the only independent manufacturer with a full line of fire alarm systems.

They have been a leader in fire protection since 1898. As a privately held business, Potter is able to quickly respond and react to our customers' needs and provide the individual attention and service that each of our customers deserve. Potter’s reputation for quality and service has been the catalyst towards our focus for the design, development, and manufacture of the highest quality and most reliable life safety products available today

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CCTV NETWORK: One of the fastest growing suppliers and total solution providers for CCTV and mobile DVR with related Wi-Fi products in China, is dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of security products and solution.

• Howen's products cover various types of analog/IP cameras, DVR/NVR, IP SAN storage, VMS (Video Management System) and mobile DVR, Wi-Fi products etc.

• Howen's products and systems have been widely applied in many industries like Hotel, Education, Hospital, Police, Public Transportation, Logistics, and City Surveillance in more than 30 countries such as Australia, Canada, U.A.E and Qatar etc.

• Howen is an approved CCTV vendor by MoI of U.A.E and Qatar with proven test report

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FIRE ALARM SYSTEM: GLT Exports Limited was founded in 1985 and is a privately held UK manufacturer of early warning fire detection systems. Our brand name Zeta Alarm Systems is well known throughout the industry and is acclaimed in over forty countries worldwide. We are currently represented in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia & South America and this list continues to grow.

To meet the requirements of our ever-changing market, we pride ourselves on being a complete system supplier. This means our customers can rely on us for their entire fire system requirements.

Our product range now incorporates conventional & analogue addressable fire detection systems, fire fighting telephone systems, voice evacuation systems, carbon monoxide & combustible gas detection systems along with state of the art aspiration detection systems.

One of the main advantages of using a complete system supplier, rather than a component supplier, is that system wide compatibility is assured. Marketing our products as systems has played an important part in the success of our Zeta branded products worldwide. When the system is sourced from one manufacturer, there is one point of contact and no compatibility issues.

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